The NDIS represents real growth

The NDIS offers businesses, individuals, organisations, entrepreneurs, baristas, bakers and candle stick makers access to a new market – one that hasn’t previously existed.

Let us walk you through the registration and compliance requirements.

An amazing opportunity for your business

The NDIS represents significant change in the disability sector across Australia. With this change comes a new marketplace worth $22 billion and nearly half a million new customers. This means there are incredible opportunities to enter a developing market, stacked with potential – you just need to get registered and get started!

What do you need to know?

To provide services under the NDIS, you first need to become a registered provider. So – you need to decide: which services you want to deliver, who you want to deliver them to and what you need to do to get registered. Everise will help you navigate the choices, so you can make the most of the opportunities.

What do you need to do to get registered?

The NDIS registration process is complicated, but we’ve we’ve already cleared a path through the red-tape forest. The requirements change depending on which state you’re in, so we’ll make sure your business is compliant and ready to be registered.

To get registered, get in touch and Everise will:

  1. Talk you through the registration process
  2. Create a Policy and Procedure manual for your service
  3. Complete your application form

We set up the framework, we tick all the boxes, and we provide ongoing support until you’re officially an NDIS registered provider and ready to go.

Want to get started today?