Making a difference through Consumer Directed Aged Care

Recent changes in how Aged Care is funded and delivered means there’s excellent opportunities for individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs to break into the sector and drive change and innovation

What does it all mean?

Individuals now get their own funding packages, and choose the providers they want, to deliver the services they need. This new approach means hundreds of thousands of older Australians are looking for businesses to support them to live a happy, fulfilling life, right until the end.

Getting registered

Navigating the fine print, determining which services you’re best placed to deliver, and getting registered as an Approved Provider is complicated and time consuming. Because Everise knows Aged Care, we’ve cleared a path through the red-tape forest, so we’ll have you ready to go within weeks.

Need advice on where to start?

We’re on the phone, on email, or on the ground, whenever you need us most.

Everise brings years of aged care expertise and experiences to drive your business forward